Study Tips & Tricks

Each semester goes quicker than the last and that simple fact terrifies me. I’ve spent most of this semester interning and figuring out what I’ll be doing post grad, so that must have helped speed up things as well. Before we know it finals will be upon us leaving a ton of students in a hurry to pick up those GPA’s a smidge before the term ends. This isn’t an impossible task, per se, but it does take some planning before hand.




Study Breaks Are Your Friend

It’s actually proven that studying for long periods of time isn’t as effective unless if you don’t break it up somehow. It doesn’t matter how you do it (ie. taking a walk, checking your phone, eating a snack) but it’s essential to keep yourself from getting burnt out! If you want more ideas on this let me know and I’d be happy to give you some other ideas that help me!

Make Flashcards

 Flashcards are BIG in my study routine! Not only does it guarantee I’m rewriting my notes and important themes more than once, but they’re a way to quiz myself and what I need to focus more time on. If you don’t want to write out your cards, there’s always the option of typing or copy and pasting your notes into websites like Quizlet or StudyBlue.

Talk To Your Teachers

More often than not, your teacher will be very happy you came to them with your questions! Your instructors are there to prepare you for tests and sometimes forget themselves to be a bit more specific with certain topics. By going in for tutoring or office hours, they can get into deeper detail than they did when in lecture and will sometimes give you a hint as to what you should study more of. Not only will you get your questions answered, but you’ll also form relationships. I used to (and am most times) so timid when it comes to asking others for help, but this is literally your professor or TA’s job! 

Figure Out What Type Of Learner You Are 

One very important key to studying is figuring out what kind of learner you are. For me, I need absolute silence and solitude. As much as I’d love to be able to join study groups I personally can not keep focused long enough to be productive! I get distracted by anything and everyone around me and I’d rather talk with friends than do my own work. 

Working in groups is still a great resource and solo learners can definitely still benefit if they’d please! If you go over material and notes before meeting up with others (which you should do anyways) you will not only get you ahead of the game in studying but also better prepare yourself to answer questions anyone else might have and leave you as an asset to your group!

Remove Distractions

I’m the type of person who needs to not be in my bedroom or sometimes even my apartment to study. I will come up with any excuse to get up and do literally anything but what I need to do. I usually end up going to the library, but if that’s not an option, my dining room table with everything off (minus music) is doable.

Of course “do not disturb” is a great option for iPhone users, but sometimes you need something a little more permanent. There are several apps nowadays that allow you to lock yourself out of specific websites and apps (ie. social media) for a certain time that you set. This is definitely a good resource if you’re easily distracted and NEED to be productive. 


What are your tips and tricks for studying for finals???

For some reason this post would NOT keep the original formatting once published, but I think I finally got it! Hope y’all have a great week!

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Weekly Recap

Happy Good Friday and Pesach Sameach! This week is always rushed for many, considering it’s a holiday and it also tends to be a shorter week. I’m so glad to be home this year, because I tend to meet my family in Central Texas for this quick holiday instead of making the 9 hour trek to my actual home. 

School is almost over for me which is insane considering it feels like I just started my classes 3 weeks ago. I am excited for a short break, but I’m also kind of ready to start with my summer load already to get the dreaded science credits over with, to start my fun classes in the fall. There’s definite reasons why I’ve put off Bio until my last leg of college, majority of them being the fact that I’m not too great with science and have accepted it.




Like I mentioned before, Easter is one holiday I don’t always make it home for. We’ve always gone to sunrise service at the lake on Easter morning which is always very pretty. Unfortunately my little sister has college cheer tryouts this weekend so I will be holding down the fort at home (AKA watching the dogs) while my parents take her to those and drive back to town right after on Saturday afternoon. Kinda sucky that I won’t be spending the entire holiday weekend with them, but I’ll live and enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

Has anyone else been keeping up with April the Giraffe?? My Nana is obsessed and is constantly filling me in on the status of her pregnancy. Will she ever have her calf?!? Some friends of mine are convinced it’s all a hoax!

I’ve been using Differin a few times a week for a while now (c/o) and am really loving the results. I asked my dermatologist if I could still get my eyebrows waxed and he said that though it’s not typically suggested for patients while using retinoid type creams, that I could still try it with caution if I took a break from the product a few days before. Take it from me and don’t do it, y’all. I’m now very proudly missing layers of skin where my messy eyebrows once were and I’m not too sure which is worse! (Tbh, the hair, but the missing skin was pretty painful)

I’m OBSESSED with Big Little Lies! I haven’t seen part of the series as of now because I want to finish the book first, but I did read a spoiler so I know how the finale ends. I don’t know how I feel about the thought of a Season 2!


Hope everyone has a great weekend with family!

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Spring Dresses Under $50

With Spring in full swing, pretty dresses are in dire need! Between Easter, Passover, and graduation celebrations, I know I’m going to need several different Instagram worthy outfits that I’m sure to wear several times again for seasons to come. 

If you haven’t noticed by now, my style is very basic. I love solid colors and very rarely wear prints because those do tend to be harder to wear multiple times without it looking over done. I don’t know if it’s because I typically stray away from patterns, but when searching for dresses I found TONS of bright colors over the typical stripes and florals. Whatever that reason may be, I’m a happy camper and you will definitely find me in the upcoming weeks rocking many of these looks!

I included dresses for many budgets. Many of these dresses are 40% off making a lot of them under $30. I’m not sure how long Nordstrom will keep these prices down, so I’d suggest ordering ASAP!




Black Off The Shoulder//Red Romper//Beige High Low Stripe Dress//Blue Off The Shoulder Shift//Navy Cold Shoulder//Emerald Halter (currently 40% off)// Orange and Lace Dress (currently 40% off)//White Embroidered Dress (currently 40% off)




White Cold Shoulder Dress//Black Criss Cross//Navy Floral//Chambray Halter Dress//Peach Floral//Black and White Stripes//Black Off The Shoulder//Green Tank Dress


Red Lace Dress//Blue Off The Shoulder//Green Shift//Hot Pink Ruffles//Navy Shift Dress//Orchid Tank Dress//Black and White Stripes// Blue Horizontal Stripes



Black Cold Shoulder Dress//Hot Pink Cutout Dress//Blue Cold Shoulder//Orange Dress//Black and White Embroidery//Maroon Dress//Blush Dress



Whatever the occasion, these dresses are sure to please! 

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Spring Bucket List

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the spring semester always goes by 700x faster than the Fall. My workload also tends to be a bit more intense, which I do consider a good thing, but I also need to remind myself to take a break at times. There’s only a few weeks left of this semester and a lot of my friends will then either be graduating or leaving for summer, so I need now more than ever to be very intentional with my time and relationships. 

With the weather being so nice lately, (60 degrees and sunny is my jam, y’all), I have had such an urge to be outdoors 24/7. Hopefully this bucket list will soon be fulfilled and help inspire not only myself to have a bit more fun in the next couple of weeks!!




Do you have any ideas to what else I should add to this list? Let me know!
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Illustrations are by Evelyn Hensen! Check out her work!!

How To Survive Getting Sick In College

Guess who’s sick again!! Yep, you guessed it, me. After going a little bit without visiting my doctor, I was struck with bronchitis and a sinus infection. My immune system is always on edge with something and this time around it might be because I haven’t been treating my body that well. I don’t tend to go out that often but I have more recently and my body doesn’t really know how to react and has since decided to revolt against me. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been eating that great either! I did hear that theres some viruses going around lately so that miiiiight have something to do with it, but until I nip this in the bud you can find me tucked into bed. Lucky for you guys, I’ve mastered the art of being sick in college and know just what it takes to muster up the energy again to get back to my daily routines.




Stock Up On Basic Medicine

Before moving to school my freshman year, my parents stocked me up on Advil, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and antibiotics galore. I was basically a walking pharmacy. I also had a full size first aid kit under my sink and felt oh so nerdy being VERY prepared for anything. By the time I was at school some time and the first round of the flu had come around, I became thankful that I had anything I could possibly need without having to run to CVS. It’s better to be over prepared!

Drink Fluids

One of the lowest times in my life is when I woke up dehydrated as ever and drove myself to Market Street at 2 AM to get the big gallon sized jug of Gatorade. I have yet to feel that sick since and boy am I glad about that. It didn’t help that it was also my Diamond Days (aka initiation week for ADPi) and I had to miss so many fun events because I couldn’t even stand for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Moral of that pointless story is DRINK FLUIDS. Hydrating with water is obviously important, but Gatorade has electrolytes your body craves when recovering. I had the big jug with me in bed and I was drinking it with a straw (now that I think about this I had so much sugar in my system, OMG) but it helped me pull through to get a shot the next day at Student Wellness.

Get A Thermometer

I didn’t ever really use a thermometer at home so I didn’t ever think I’d need one in my college medicine cabinet! I borrowed my friend’s (with the plastic slip things over it, y’all) more than I’d care to admit my freshman year in the dorms and I have since invested in my own. It’s not completely necessary to have, but it is handy to confirm or deny whether you’re just being dramatic when guessing that you have a fever.

Actually Eat

I’m definitely one to not be hungry when I’m sick. At school it also doesn’t help that unless you have groceries, you’ll more than likely not feel like walking/driving to go find a meal. Try to recruit a friend or roommate to bring you something small or even just get something delivered to ensure you get some nutrients in to help kick start your immune system a tad!

Stay Home

This is so hard for me because I’m the Queen of FOMO but it’s so important to listen to your body and actually REST. Theres always something going on in college but it’s always best if you skip out on things for a few days. For 1) you won’t be as fun because you have a cold from hell and 2) you’ll risk getting your friends sick, also! Take advantage of this free pass of skipping things and enjoy catching up on sleep or your current Netflix obsession.



Do you have any tips for dealing with sickness away from home?

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My Backpack Essentials

Considering it’s pretty far into spring semester, this post might have been of better use a few weeks ago but that’s not stopping me! I’m nosey by nature and love “what’s in my bag” posts so adding in school supplies makes this post extra exciting for me to write! I figured out what works best for me organization wise back in high school so I have had this combo of products down cold for many years now. Obviously now that I’m in college I’ve tweaked it some but majority of these products are tried and true!

Depending on the day of the week, I might change out some of these products for others or maybe add in a textbook or two for class, but other than that this is exactly what you can find me carrying on any given day.


Umbrella//Folders//Camelbak//Pencils//Markers//Highlighters//Pens//Backpack//Pencil Pouch//Granola Bars/MiniMergency Kit//Calculator//Headphones

North Face Backpack Jester  in Black

I’ve had the same backpack for about 2 years now!  There’s a newer style out now (linked) than the one I have but they’re pretty similar and should still both be available. I took my bag to get embroidered at a local shop and I love the way the hot pink monogram (in the font Vine) looks! Mine has held up extremely well considering I’ve used it consistently both in school and when traveling since I bought it.

Lilly Pullitzer Large Agenda

Though I originally was planning on continuing with my Happy Planner through 2017, I ended up getting the large Lilly Pullitzer agenda instead. I like how much space I have to write on each particular day with the large size I have and I also just think it’s cute! 

Colored Folders

I briefly mentioned how I organize my school work in this post, but I keep around 5 different colored folders in my bag with my current assignments/handouts/class notes in each of them. I don’t really like spirals because I tend to accidentally rip out the pages, so writing notes on regular college ruled paper is easiest for me. I prefer the plastic Five Star folders and have used them forever because I know they’re durable.

Index Cards 

I make flashcards for pretty much every test/quiz, so I constantly have a pack of index cards ready to go in my bag. I use white 3×5 ruled cards. 

Pencil Pouch in Ocean Blue

I originally wanted to use it as a makeup bag but it’s a smidge too small for that but is PERFECT as a pencil bag! I’ve mentioned before that I use the PaperMate Ink Joy pens in my planner because of the variety of colors they come in and how smooth they write. I prefer to write notes in pencil and if needed I use the thin Sharpie highlighters. I also have Post It notes (various sizes, I’m obsessed!) and dry erase markers (to use in the study rooms) in my bag, along with a few extra hair ties just in case. 

School ID+ Wallet & Keys

I need my ID to not only get into some study rooms/my apartment/the Rec but also to buy food on campus! Having a meal plan is super convenient between classes or when I don’t want to spend real money on food. I also obviously have the rest of the things I typically keep in my wallet in case I want to run off campus straight from class or need to get a book or Scantron!

Laptop+ chargers

I don’t always carry my laptop with me, but on days I know I’ll be going to the library or will have free time between classes, I definitely do! I also keep a flash drive with me just in case I need to print something quickly on campus through the WEPA system (campus printers).

Mini Mergency Kit Criss Cross in Green 

Ensures I have anything I could possibly need in a pinch! Definitely exemplifies my status as the “mom friend” whenever I offer stain remover at lunch, but I’d rather be teased than have ketchup on my shirt! It’s better to be prepared, haha. I also carry blotting papers, hand sanitizer and an umbrella just in case I get stuck in the rain!

Camelbak Chute Water Bottle 1L in Light Purple

I have the liter bottle and carry it throughout the day to ensure I stay hydrated. I do walk a TON throughout campus so it’s important I try and drink as much water as possible! 

Granola Bars + Gum or other snacks

I try and keep a snack with me just in case I get hungry in between classes or just don’t have time to get a full meal! I’ve been loving Lara Bars recently. I also keep gum to ensure I always have fresh breath.

Texas Instruments TI 84+ Calculator in Grey

I’ve somehow taken a class each semester that required a calculator somehow so I just keep my TI 84 in my school bag. 

What are your must have school essentials?

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My Most Embarrassing Moment, Life Plan & More!

I love reading Q&A’s and I love posting them. They’re such a fun way to get to know the person behind the blog! I posted on Snapchat to send in your questions (vernsavessnap/veronicaluera) a week or two ago, and as always, y’all came through. I did edit some of the questions–especially if they were asked more than once or in the same context of another. I did try to hit a wide range of topics, so if your question didn’t get answered this go around, definitely ask again in the future!





Q: What are your summer break plans?

My summer plans are pretty much in the air as of now, but more than likely I will be moving into a house in Lubbock with my old roommate and taking some classes.

Q: Have you kept up with the Bachelor?

Not really! I was pretty bored with this season other than Corinne’s antics. I’m hoping The Bachelorette will be better.

Q: Where are your glasses from?

I get my glasses from Eye Buy Direct! So cheap but such good quality. The one’s I wear on Snapchat are these (I have them in black and tortoise) but I also recently ordered these and these. You can use this link for an automatic $10 off your order. 

Q: Where did you get your Longchamp?

I ordered the bag itself from Nordstrom and got it embroidered at a local store.

Q: Favorite YouTubers?

I love Lauren Elizabeth, Claudia Sulewski, Caitlin Bea, Monica Church, David Dobrik, Brooklyn & Bailey, Meredith Grace, and soo many others. If you have any suggestions you think I might like, let me know!

Q: How do you make your blog graphics?

I use a combo of PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator.

Q: Where is your bedding from?

Both at home and at school my bedding is the Crinkle Puff Quilt from PBTeen! I have the green one at home and the purple one at school. I have the quilts layered over white duvets.

Q: Current tv shows?

I’m obsessed with This Is Us and Big Little Lies on HBO! Both are so good!

Q: What’s your most embarrassing story?

My swimsuit bottoms fell off at a Disney resort pool when I was 13.

Q: What size are your pearl earrings?

They’re 12mm. I have these but these are also a good, cheap option.

Q: Favorite veggie juice?

I really like a juice blend from a local orchard that has beets, red kale, red apple, cucumber, and lemon. SO GOOD. I also love carrot, ginger, spinach, kale, and pineapple.

Q: Are you still not eating dairy?

Yes I am! I feel so much better. There will be a post up on my current diet in the next couple weeks.

Q: What’s your most recent purchase?

This past week at Sephora I bought the Smashbox Primer Oil.

Q: Will you ever post on YouTube?

AGH yes! I do want to but not sure when I’ll bite the bullet and just go for it!

Q: What are your favorite kind of posts to read/post?

I love to read “day in the life” kind of posts and look books! I love to post look books, Q&A’s or more personal posts, and gift guides.

Q: How often are you posting currently?

I have post ideas scheduled out for MWF, but they don’t always happen with my school schedule.

Q: Do you have your life mapped out? 

Yes and no. I do have a timeline of where I’d like to be by certain ages but I also realize that life happens and there is a greater plan for me than my own. I would ultimately like to work for a magazine or Broadway marketing company by 23 in NYC and eventually move back to Texas (Austin/DFW area) to get married and settle down by 30. Wherever I end up in Texas I would love to continue with advertising/marketing either freelance or within an agency while raising a family! Figuring this all out was actually part of an assignment for a class last semester so I really have it narrowed down, lol.

Q: Do you only have one little sister?

I wasn’t sure if this was referring to ADPi or my actual family, but in both circumstances I only have 1 sister!

Q: Favorite trend?

I love all of the fun embroidery and off the shoulder tops!

Q: Where do you want to travel?

I actually have a full post on this coming up soon, but I would love to travel to Greece, Peru, Iceland, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Within the USA, I’d love to go to Northern California, Seattle, Boston, Upstate New York, Cape Cod, and sooooo many others! 

Q: Best advice for high school seniors?
As much as you say you won’t miss high school, you will. You’ve more than likely been with your classmates for 4+ years and it will be weird to be without them once everyone moves on with their lives. Definitely take advantage of your time with family and hometown friends, as well!

Q: Current favorite Broadway show?

Sunday In The Park With George or Dear Evan Hansen.


Thanks to everyone who asked me questions!!!

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